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Online Gocator Emulator – New!

Try a "virtual Gocator" online

Experience Gocator's user interface and perform application-specific, pre-recorded measurements on a scanned object. All from your desktop––with no sensor required! There's no better way to get a sense of how easy-to-use and intuitive the world's smartest 3D sensor really is.

Explore the possibilities.

Providing an exact duplicate of the interface used to configure Gocator sensors, the online Emulator lets you see first-hand how easy Gocator is to use, through virtual sensor scenarios. Play with a scenario’s advanced 3D measurement technology on real data and try out the data visualizations!

Discover the results.

See for yourself how the world's smartest 3D sensor can fulfill all your integration, automation, and quality control needs.




Your "virtual Gocator" experience awaits...