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HexSight Software – Now Free with Gocator 4.x Firmware

High Accuracy 2D Part Location and Metrology

HexSight geometric part location technology provides flexible and robust contour-based 2D pattern matching to locate parts and features regardless of their scale or orientation. It also delivers advanced multi-modal matching capability that can be used to differentiate highly similar parts or match one of many part models. The integrated calibration, location and inspection tools deliver full color support with graphical setup that makes building inspection applications a snap. And best of all, HexSight is available as a free download for all Gocator users.


* Get a free runtime license when used with any Gocator and Firmware 4

Combine 2D and 3D Capability For A More Complete Inspection Process

HexSight and Gocator work seamlessly together to maximize your inspection process. With HexSight, you can now combine 3rd party machine vision camera images or the Gocator intensity output to perform 2D inspection alongside Gocator’s 3D height maps for 3D measurement to produce a more comprehensive 2D and 3D solution. HexSight is tightly integrated with Gocator so acquisition of 3D point clouds and 2D intensity images can stream into inspection processing on the PC to produce results that are scheduled on Gocator hardware for output.

HexSight Locator Tool

HexSight’s Locator provides powerful contour-based pattern matching to identify part location, scale and orientation. Locator further delivers support for advanced color discrimination and can easily handle occlusions, clutter, distortion, contrast reversal, overlapping parts, and uneven lighting. Once Locator identifies a part, downstream HexSight inspection tools adapt to the part’s position, angle, and size to carry out robust measurement.

HexSight Inspection Tools

HexSight offers a range of tools with full color support to inspect and analyze images for a variety of measurement criteria. Tools include image pre-processing, edge detection, blob analysis, line, arc and circle fitting, edge and caliper measurement, and a flexible selection of geometry analysis functions.

HexSight Symbology Tools

Symbology tools offer a flexible set of functions to handle 1D barcodes and 2D array codes including Data Matrix.

Intuitive and Easy-to-Use

HexSight minimizes development time with a wide variety of complete software demos and tutorials. The high level Process Manager is used to rapidly build inspection applications through point-and-click sequencing of HexSight tools.

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