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MikroCAD Software – A Seamless Workflow Experience

Integrated Software Powered by Digital Surf’s MountainsMap® Technology

Available in two versions (Standard and Professional), the new MikroCAD software is powered by MountainsMap® Technology, bringing state-of-the-art 3D surface imaging, analysis and metrology tools in a graphical multi-language user environment –– making it easy for you to generate comprehensive visual surface metrology measurements and reports faster than ever before.

MikroCAD Standard For General Users

MikroCAD Standard version allows you to extract and analyze surface features and execute desktop publishing of reports, use template documents for multiple data sets, and leverage general operators on profiles and surfaces.

MikroCAD Professional For Power Users

Users with advanced requirements get all the features of MikroCAD Standard in addition to the added advantage of advanced profile operators such as morphological filters and discrete wavelet filters. MikroCAD Professional offers access to operators on a series of profiles and advanced operators on surfaces or a series of surfaces.

Cutting-Edge Tools For Analyzing Surface Texture and Geometry

View 3D surface topography in real-time at zoom level and angle, with near perfect lighting, optimized color palettes and intuitive image enhancement tools. Apply intelligent filters to remove outliers and prepare the surface for analysis. You can also separate surface roughness and waviness using advanced ISO 16610 filtering techniques, as well as characterize surface texture by the latest 3D parameters and ISO 4287 2D profile parameters.

Traceability and Automation Features to Speed Up Analysis

Each step in your surface metrology report is recorded in a hierarchical analysis workflow for full metrological traceability. You can fine-tune reports at any time because workflow steps are easily modified on the fly. You can also analyze surfaces automatically by applying existing workflows as templates, or create new workflows by inserting common sequences of analysis steps (MiniDocs or macros) that have been previously saved.

Easy-to-Integrate Into Research and Production Environments

Export all your numerical results into an Excel compatible text file for further processing by third party tools, including quality management systems. Multi-page surface metrology reports are easy to publish in standard PDF and Word compatible RTF formats, and you can output images and tables in standard formats at up to 1200 dpi for simple integration into posters and presentations.

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