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Multi-Sensor Stationary Car Inspection

Gocator features on car frames number in the hundreds, and each one has to be inspected to ensure it is present and within specs. Although Gocator is often mounted on a robot for inspection in the automotive industry, scanning all these features with a stationary, multi-sensor system is sometimes a more efficient solution.

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Industrial Robot Systems

IP beams are a crucial component in automobiles. Gocator's built-in measurement tools can be used seamlessly with custom-developed algorithms in third-party software to inspect their many features, saving time and money on the production line.

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Automotive Component Picking

After automotive components have been cast, they are typically picked up by a robot and transferred to the next step in processing, such as heat treating or painting. But parts come out of the die casting machine in different orientations and may not sit level. 2D machine vision solutions have difficulty distinguishing between parts and the chain metal conveyor carrying the parts, and can't discern the tilt of the parts. Gocator 3D sensors are an ideal solution to these problems.

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Safely Cutting Large, Expensive Assemblies

Cutting into assemblies such as plane fuselages is risky business. If the cutting tool is damaged or not properly installed, the assembly may need costly repairs or could even be ruined. The fast scan time of Gocator snapshot sensors, which are ideal for robotic mounting, lets you quickly scan test material before making crucial cuts on expensive components.

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Detecting Micron-Level Defects in Electronic Parts

With the need to fulfill astronomical supply needs for consumer electronic devices, manufacturers are always looking for quality inspection systems that can handle the volume and deliver the required precision and repeatability. Furthermore, the drive toward more compact devices means manufacturers need to measure ever finer details. The Gocator 2400 series of blue laser line profile sensors provides the fine measurements and high speed that electronics manufacturers need.

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Learn how Bluewrist uses Gocator 2300 3D smart sensors mounted on a robotic arm for vision guidance in its automotive Windshield Insertion System.

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Gocator Brochure

Discover how Gocator delivers the “factory smart” features and functionality that make automated 3D inspection easy.

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Smart Tire Inspection

Learn how Gocator is used in tire manufacturing inspection to ensure quality and safety.

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Structured Light

An introduction to structured light scanning technology, including its key strengths and limitations.

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Inline Part Inspection

Learn how Bluewrist uses LMI’s Gocator 3D Smart Sensor for precision inline parts inspection in the automotive industry.

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